Office of The United States Trustee vs. Harmon

(Formerly Woo vs. Harmon)

CV05-00030 DAE KSC

U.S. District Court For the District of Hawaii

Judges: David A. Ezra; Kevin S. Chang

~ ~ ~


DATE: July 24, 2006, 09:45 AM

JUDGE: Hon. David Ezra



Trustee of Kamehameha Schools, and Signatory to the Settlement Agreement in Harmon’s RICO Case No. 99-04339, U.S. District Court; President, Missouri Memorial Association; former CEO and current director of Waimana Enterprises and its subsidiary, Sandwich Isles Communications; Board Chairman of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii and the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii.

Kamehameha Schools
567 S. King Street, Suite 310
Honolulu, HI 96813

This witness is expected to testify as to the facts and circumstances of the Settlement and the actions taken by Defendant subsequent to entering into the Settlement Agreement, including Defendant’s alleged breaches of the Agreement through his alleged “letter writing campaign”. He will be asked to provide evidence that he had the legal authority to sign the Settlement and Indemnity Agreement on behalf of the former Incumbent Trustees, and with the express written authorization of KSBE’s liability insurance carriers, P&C Insurance Company, Inc, Federal Insurance Co. (Chubb Group), and XL Insurance Co. He is also expected to explain why, as an Interim Trustee, his act of signing the Settlement Agreement on behalf of the former Incumbent Trustees does not violate the insurance provisions of the applicable insurance policies, and the Closing Agreement with the IRS. Mr. Kihune is expected to furnish evidence of the appointment of the attorney for Kamehameha Schools, purported to be Kenneth Hipp, in Case No. 99-04339, and the approval of this attorney by Kamehameha School’s insurance carriers. He is expected to testify regarding his personal, business, professional, financial and social relationships with Eric Yeaman, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, Douglas Ing, Nainoa Thompson, Dan Inouye, Frank Carlucci, Apollo Advisors, Blackstone Group, The Carlyle Group, Investcorp, Henry Kissinger, Norman Mineta, Eric Shinsheki, James Baker III, Faye Kurren, Judge Barry Kurren, Michael Chun, Rockne Freitas, Arnold Morgado, Gilbert Tam, Sandwich Isles Communications, Al Hee, Clayton Hee, Summit Communications, Colin Powell, Michael Powell, Federal Communications Commission (see footnotes, p.17), Hawaiian Telcom Communications, Inc., Craig Watanabe, Rupert Murdoch, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Micah Kane, Department of Hawaiian Homelands, Nathan Aipa, Colleen Wong, Louanne Kam, Randall Chang, Elisa Yadao, Robert Libkuman, Earl Anzai, Lyn Anzai, Hugh Jones, Judge Kevin S. Chang, Judge David A. Ezra, Steven Guttman, Susan Tius, Judith Neustadter Fuqua, Colbert Matsumoto, Island Insurance, Michael Tanoue, Rocco Sansone, Marsh & McLennan, Aon Insurance Services, Haunani Apoliona, The Nature Conservancy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Donald Duckworth, Bishop Museum, Mark Polivka, Fred Kraus, Peter Savio, Queen Emma Foundation, John D. Marshall, James H. Case, Carlsmith Ball LLP; Paul M. Ueoka, Carlsmith Ball LLP; Gerald A. Sumida, Carlsmith Ball LLP; Andrew Pepper, Carlsmith Ball LLP; Duane R. Miyashiro, Carlsmith Ball LLP; and others to be named upon formal discovery.

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