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July 20, 2006

OHA buys Wao Kele forest land on Big Island

By Rod Thompson, Star-Bulletin

HILO » The Office of Hawaii Affairs has completed the purchase of 25,856 acres of forested land known as Wao Kele O Puna south of Hilo, the agency announced yesterday.

“OHA is acquiring the area to protect the natural and cultural resources on the land, to guarantee that native Hawaiians can continue to exercise traditional and customary activities on the land, and to ensure that OHA can pass it on to a sovereign governing entity,” an OHA statement said.

OHA Chairwoman Haunani Apoliona called the purchase a “gifted moment” in increasing the assets of native Hawaiian people. The Hawaiian culture-based Pele Defense Fund asked the Trust for Public Lands to buy the land in February 2005. With $3.35 million of the $3.65 million purchase price supplied by the U.S. Forest Service, the sale to the trust and then to OHA was concluded Friday, OHA announced.

The term “wao kele” refers to the wet, lush middle elevations between the coast and the dry mountain uplands. Although few people lived there in ancient times, coastal dwellers often went upland to collect resources there.

Starting two miles downhill from the present Puu Oo eruption site and stretching another nine miles, Wao Kele O Puna was a site of controversy in the 1980s when a large geothermal energy development was planned in the native ohia forest by True/ Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture.

Environmentalists and Hawaiians opposed the project, sometimes in demonstrations that resulted in arrests. The Pele Defense Fund sued to halt drilling.

Opponents credited demonstrations and the lawsuit with stopping the project. True/Mid-Pacific said it could not find a usable geothermal resource.

Meanwhile, land ownership shifted. The initially state-owned Wao Kele O Puna lands were traded in 1986 to Campbell Estate. In turn, the state received Campbell’s Kahaualea lands immediately uphill.

Advocates of the exchange said it was fair because Kahaualea had better native forest, with fewer invasive non-native plants.

In 1983, eruptions began that covered much of Kahaualea with lava. Preservation of Wao Kele O Puna provides a source of plant and animal life to restore the new lava lands, OHA said.


From The Catbird’s Forum

Date Posted:          08/19/05

Author:                  jc and ann shannon

Subject:                Hawaiian Public Forgery, Hawaiian Political Constructive Fraud…

Ref.:                      State of Hawaii DLNR Executive Order 3117, silently executed on January 29, 1982, and the Hawaiian special entitlements using the “PUNA CONNECTION”, lobbying Native Hawaiian Rights and National political platforms in Congress.

Sequence of dates for Native Hawaiian CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD and special racial entitlements, seeking more vested governmental powers, to defraud the unsuspecting public in the Aloha State of Hawaii….

1970 to 1974[George] Ariyoshi runs for statewide office as the Lt. Gov. to John Burns last Administration. Controversial Hawaiian, Larry Mehau, a former political associate and cop, is the Hawaiian connection and political fund raiser/organizer. Mehau is appointed to the powerful DLNR [Department of Land & Natural Resources] board.

1974 to 1978Ariyoshi is elected Governor with the Big Island Lt. Gov. Nelson Doi. … Mehau is appointed to another term with the DLNR. …

1978 to 1982 – The woman movement is in full peak and Doi is dumped in favor of Jean S. King. Doi is appointed to a Federal judges position to help establish the government for the Marshall Islands. Ariyoshi and King differ on growth and development for Hawaii….Ariyoshi being pro development and business more than King. Mehau is the Hawaiian political organizer and fund raiser but is left off the BLNR appointment, while establishing his Hawaii Protective Security Agency.

1982 to 1986Ariyoshi defeats King in the DNC primaries and becomes Governor with his young (34 yrs old) and new Big Island Native Hawaiian Lt. Gov., lawyer, and real estate investor, John Waihee, opening the doors for the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement activist.

With this brief Hawaii political background, the Native Hawaiian Constructive Fraud, during this time frame, in the Puna diversified agriculture district, on the secluded Big Island of Hawaii continues …

January 29, 1982Executive Order 3117, attaching the DLNR state survey map, is executed and deceptively implemented and assigned to the remote Public State Park, in lower Puna, manipulating the Public’s important legal public records with the DLNR Bureau of Conveyance, to secretly regulate, manipulate, control, and protect, exclusive Hawaiian land locked roadway entrances to the public’s private fee simple properties to secretly scrutinize and defraud future invested private assets and proceeds. Executive Order 3117 could also secretly regulate, manipulate, protect, and control, the manipulated public’s legal access, as well as scrutinizing and protecting lucrative and clandestine diversified agriculture cultivation, distributions, and illicit revenues. The powerful DLNR controlled under its jurisdiction: all small boat harbors … ; small airfields …; all Public and State Parks and Forestry Lands; and all DOT [Dept. of Transportation] road entrances on the Big Island of Hawaii.

November, 1982 – Shortly after the re-election of Ariyoshi and Waihee, Hurricane Iwa slams into the Hawaiian Islands, requiring multimillions of FEMA Funds to address the destruction and damage.

January 3, 1983 – Within a few months after the election, the sudden eruption and destruction of Kilauea Volcano, in the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii, now requires more Federal and State FEMA funds, being authorized and intermixed with DLNR public revenues being deceptively generated by Executive Order 3117 in the economically depressed Puna District and a Public State Park. The vested powers of E.O. 3117 … authorizes DLNR Treasury funds to be allocated to the Kalapana victims (Waihee’s constituents) and Royal Garden Estate Subdivision (Ariyoshi’s development). Replacement Hawaiian Home Lands funds at low interest rates which were to be allocated for Kilkala-Keokea Subdivision, outside of Kapapana and beneath the same hazardous volcano vent, were being paid to the Hawaiian Developer Estate to deceptively create a fictious subdivision while manipulated FEMA funds were being channeled, diverted, and manipulated, to finally stop the development “due to lack of funds” after investing and bull-dozing the lava fields and water fire hydrant installations giving the illusion of creating a subdivision for the manipulated natural disaster victims.


May of 1990 – the private “outside” family (Hawaiian Airline pilot) living next door to the Hawaiian Developer Estate, who had his official legal access documents suppressed back on June 15, 1981, filed for Federal Bankruptcy (case no: 99-00227) after failing to sell his unknown land-locked property for many years. He loses about $350,000 dollars.

On his testimonial, he offered bribery fees and paid extorted legal access fees to the Hawaiian Developers former subdivision association, which was a fraudulent and illegal access right of way. The Hawaiian Developers Estate, in collusion with the DLNR official (Taguchi) were responsible for his family’s demise. The DLNR land agent, Taguchi, has since been promoted to the State Public Parks division to protect and suppress the fraud in lower Puna. The Federal Trustee, from Las Vegas, Nevada, was elderly, ill, and an “outsider”. His young “assistant” political front, was an attractive young haole, married to an “inside” local, named Mary Lou WOO, from Honolulu, Hawaii.

The legal access documents and manipulation were to be updated and corrected to offer the public a free and clear title in a Federal Public Auction. The suppressed fraud continued with the suppression of the official legal access documents with the silent existence for Executive Order 3117, nullifying and voiding the historic Executive Order 1750, in the Public State Park.

The government SNAFU now includes the manipulation, defrauding, and tampering with all CONSTITUTIONAL Federal Bankruptcy Courts, Federal Bankruptcy Judges, Federal Trustees, Federal Public Auctions, Federal Truth in Lending Laws, Federal Title, Insurance, and Mortgages disclosures, Federal FEMA funds, Federal Agriculture Regulations, and all Federal Inter-Commerce Trading acts, in the Aloha State of Hawaii.

Sept. 1990 – an “outsider” San Francisco developer, at the last minute during the Federal Public auction, outbids the Hawaii huis for the fraudulent Hawaiian property, near the public state park. He invested another $150,000 to remodel the beautiful plantation home and macadamia nut property, but after many years and being harassed and intimidated by the Hawaiian developer and huis, he fails to sell the property and is almost in bankruptcy.

1994 – A mysterious, eccentric, elderly multimillionaire owner, purchases the Hawaiian Developers property, adjacent to the public state park, using a hidden Revocable Trust Title deed as a “front” for the Hawaiian Developers Estate.

1996Peter Savio real estate agents “purchases” the deceptive property from the two “fronts”… the multimillionaire and the Hawaiian Developer. They all planned to convert, develop, and profit from the mini subdivision of five one-acre plots, to be called Lava Tree Estates. After several months of initial investments, by Savio, et al. for surveying, and designing, the subdivision is stopped by the Hawaii County Planning Dept, after repeated documented requests for the legal access problem, due to the unknown Executive Order 3117, the unknown suppressed DLNR legal access documents, and the land locking of private fee simple property in lower Puna. This becomes documented “inside” government racketeering, knowing in advance, to the fraud and corruption between the State DLNR land agent, the Hawaiian Developer, and the Hawaii County officials….

… Read the full post in The Catbird’s Forum: at

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June 3, 2000

Kamehameha Schools project begins in Puna

By Hugh Clark, The Honolulu Advertiser

KEAAU, Hawaii – The first phase of a Kamehameha Schools East Hawaii campus that will eventually have an enrollment of 2,000 Hawaiian children was launched yesterday in a groundbreaking ceremony south of Keaau in Puna.

The $30 million initial stage of the campus is expected to open for the 2001 school year for students in Grades 6 to 8….

When fully developed, it will be the Big Island’s largest private school. The campus is to be built on 300 acres of former pasture land previously owned by W.H. Shipman Ltd.

Robert Kihune, chairman of the interim board of trustees for the schools, said: “Rather than growing agricultural products, this land will now be raising good and industrious men and women for the betterment of the state of Hawaii.”

Pauahi (the Hawaiian princess whose estate established the school) is smiling on us today,” said Hamilton McCubbin, chief executive officer of the schools. “She is smiling because we are doing something today that will help better the lives of the Hawaiian people.”

Kamehameha President Michael Chun predicted the school “should be the finest educational facility we can provide for our children.”

Construction will begin in July and take about one year. During a site visit in November by the state Land Use Commission, Kamehameha officials estimated the entire campus would cost about $260 million to build

Kamehameha opened a temporary East Hawaii campus in Keaukaha in September 1996 on Hawaiian Home Lands property. It has 152 students from kindergarten through the sixth grade.

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September 12, 2003



Pahoa works to erase image as an ‘ice’ haven

by Rod Thompson, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

PAHOA, Hawaii – About 25 Pahoa residents were meeting with Mayor Harry Kim last year, planning how to force drug dealers out of town when one of the participants blurted out, “Look out the window.”

Across the town’s narrow main street, a dealer and a customer were exchanging drugs and money, said gift shop attendant Malia Brown, who was sitting next to the mayor.

Within seconds a police car pulled alongside the drug deal, Brown said. The officer in the car waved to the dealer and customer and drove away, she said.

The mayor was speechless, Brown said.

Pahoa, the former sugar town in the Puna district south of Hilo, turned hippie haven in the 1970s, was becoming a crystal methamphetamine haven. And with “ice” came crime, including violent offenses, a new experience for the small town.

But the community is working hard to change….

Former Puna Sugar Co. supervisor Hiroo Sato, who wrote a history called “Pahoa Yesterday,” said the biggest change in the town’s history was the closing of Puna Sugar in 1984. 

Marijuana production filled the gap. “This town had a boom because of it, said Siracusa.

“A lot of businesses that got started, got started on pot money.”

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July 3, 1996

The Chee Papers

Web of Association Started
with Aiea Real Estate Deal

By Ian Y. Lind, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

How did a local crime figure and the head of a major real estate firm wind up linked to a proposed residential development?

The way was paved when former Waikiki owner Steve Crouch turned to unconventional sources to finance initial stages of the project, his first venture. Details of the resulting deal emerged in court files after Crouch defaulted on a series of loans and was hit with a foreclosure lawsuit.

Crouch, who ran the Masquerade nightclub until it closed in 1990, had bought, bartered and talked his way into majority ownership of four acres of land on Aiea Heights.

When he couldn’t get a bank loan to develop the property, Crouch sought help from Gabriel “Gabe” Aio, a longtime friend. Aio, a security coordinator for Matson Navigation Co., also claims a lengthy relationship with Hawaii Protective Association, a private security firm headed by politically influential Big Island rancher Larry Mehau.

The contact got results: Aio took Crouch to meet with crime figure Jesse James Bates, who agreed to help arrange a $300,000 loan in exchange for an exclusive construction trucking contract for the development and a discount on the purchase of two homes, Aio and Crouch said. Bates, in turn, set up a meeting with Bill Chee, president of Prudential Locations Inc., where Bates’ wife, Kathleen “Bunny” Bates, worked as a broker.

Aio told the Star-Bulletin he has known Jesse Bates since the two spent time together as teen-agers at the state Youth Correctional Facility in the 1960s.

Bates was convicted of manslaughter and bank robbery in the early 1970s, and later served prison sentences for counterfeiting and armed robbery. He was paroled in 1989 and, at the time of the meeting with Crouch and Aio, was starting a trucking company.

Federal court records in a later drug case say he had also been involved in cocaine distribution since 1990.

Aio and Crouch both say Bates agreed to help, then told them he was in business with Chee. . . .

During the first week in Jan 1993, when the men met for a second time, Chee agreed to loan the $300,000 Crouch requested, plus another $127,000 to pay off other mortgages on the property. Loan documents show that prepaid interest of $143,000 (or 33.3 percent) was added, bringing the amount to be repaid to $570,000. . . .

The loan had several other unusual aspects, court records show:

>> Chee used $427,000 of his own funds to make the loan, but took deliberate steps to conceal his involvement. According to internal company documents later disclosed in court proceedings, Chee instructed loan administrators that “Crouch is not to know the source of the proceeds.”

>> Chee approved the loan without a current appraisal, without a credit check, and without knowing whether Crouch or his wife was employed or had any current income

Allegations of EXTORTION

Thieves last year stole thousands of pages of documents from the Honolulu law firm of Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, says senior partner Paul Alston….

He says the theft was part of an extortion scheme aimed at him and real estate executive William S. Chee. The two say they have been publicly accused of “outrageous criminal acts” to “strong- arm” them into not collecting on a bad debt. Copies of stolen documents have been circulated with some of those accusations.

Alston and Chee have filed suits in state and federal courts blaming former Waikiki nightclub operator Steve Crouch and two supporters for the 1995 theft and extortion attempt, which allegedly occurred after Crouch defaulted on three real estate loans….

Chee’s attorney, John Komeiji, said former Gov. George Ariyoshi, a member of Komeiji’s law firm, sought the help of Big Island rancher Larry Mehau during behind-the-scene negotiations aimed at settling the dispute with Crouch. Mehau was contacted because of Crouch’s association with Gabriel “Gabe” Aio, a longtime associate of Mehau‘s….

Chee is president of Prudential Locations Inc., until recently the state’s largest real estate firm, and is president and chairman of Resco Inc., its parent company. Alton is a director of Resco and some subsidiaries, and his law firm represents the companies. Alston and Chee are related by marriage.

Beginning in early 1993, Alston and Chee purchased $1 million in mortgage loans that Crouch and his company, MLC Inc., obtained to fund initial stages of a proposed 19-home development in Aiea Heights….

According to court records, dozens of the stolen documents spilled into view this year when they were included in fliers accusing Chee and Alston of numerous crimes related to the Crouch loans, including fraud, conspiracy and taking part in a money-laundering scheme linked to well-known Hawaii crime figure Jesse James Bates.

Thousands of copies of the fliers, including what purported to be a letter from Bates describing the conspiracy, were passed out on downtown street corners and at a national Prudential convention hosted by Chee at Blaisdell Center. The fliers were distributed by Nolan Crabbe, a contractor who says he is running for the 2nd Congressional District seat….

Crouch, who has filed for personal and corporate bankruptcy, says he obtained copies of the stolen documents late last year when four boxes were left anonymously at his home.

Crouch says the documents show Alston and Chee conspired to put him out of business by secretly buying his mortgages at the same time their company, Prudential Locations, was the project’s exclusive sales agent….

Alston rejects Crouch’s allegations….

(Catbird Note: William Chee is also a Director of Hawaii National Bank – along with Warren K.K. Luke. Warren Luke is also a major stockholder and director of The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, along with Larry Johnson, Colbert Matsumoto, and Jeffrey Watanabe.)



Date:  Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:24:21 EDT

Subject: Check out frontline: the fixers: Interview with Donna Wong | PBS


Attn: Robin Matsunaga (Ombudsman Office Director)

Ref: The Akaka Bill (S 147) and future special ethnic entitlements in multiracial Hawaii.

How foreign money influence in the Hawaiian Islands, allowed by former Public elected officials in Hawaii and the political embedding of former radical Asian Dictatorships, looting their own countries assets and the foreign political influence in Hawaii (Marcos, Rhee, Lon Nol, and Sukarno) and their embedding influence for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Hawaiian Home Land agency, and the very close relationship between the nonprofit Kamehameha Schools / Bishop Estate Trust, which has quietly embedded itself over the years into Public elected Hawaiian governments to retain exclusive PUBLIC subsidized funding mechanisms for perpetual affirmative programs, based on dysfunctional Constitutional Laws in isolated Hawaii.

When the public in Hawaii has legitimate consumer or government complaints, Mr. Matsunaga, against the exposure for potential Hawaiian government sponsored FRAUD, everyone associated to self insulated Hawaiian protected regulated monopolies, otherwise known as embedded HAWAIIAN HUIS (silent investors) are immune and protected from any form of blatant public corruption, under the name of Native Hawaiian Rights, embedded in Public elected Hawaiian Government.

This is the dual Hawaiian government standards that the passage for the very vague intents for the Native Hawaiian Akaka Bill, will allow in the future for the manipulated Public, Tourist, and Federal government programs. The deceptive political vested Hawaiian governmental powers being allocated to a very special entitlement Hawaiian Government who’s original purposes was supposedly to serve the public and not government.

This is the silent innovative legal creation for a future separatist Hawaiian government with one set of regulations for the manipulated Public to comply to all Federal, State, and local regulations and one creative set of Native Hawaiian dysfunctional regulations for the special entitlement Hawaiian Government huis, embedded with political KS / BE associates (i.e. Anzai’s, Tius, Woo,), associated to Public elected officials (Cayetano, Waihee, Ariyoshi, Akaka, Inouye), and former controversial political associates, appointees, and political fund raisers (Mehau), embedded perpetually into dysfunctional Hawaiian Government.

A good example of this dysfunction in Hawaiian government: If the Public encroaches upon the State Public lands, they will be immediately fined and held accountable to all Federal, State, and local regulations.

However, if the self insulated Hawaii State government (and their embedded Hawaiian huis associated to KS / BE), encroaches upon the public’s private lands, the immunity protection and delayed legal process allowed for the State Government officials and their embedded Hawaiian government huis (INVESTORS) is to retain the deceptive control of the encroached Hawaiian private lands, ignore the public’s supporting evidence, to now ask for a Hawaiian “leasehold” options purchase for the public’s “shaped” Constitutional Rights for the use of an exclusive private Hawaiian roads to the public’s private FEE SIMPLE land locked properties in the Aloha State of Hawaii.

This is the ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL conversion and non disclosures allowed by Hawaiian government to market to the public FEE SIMPLE; LAND LOCKED HAWAIIAN PUBLIC LANDS TO BE SCRUTINIZED, RETAINED, AND DEFRAUDED IN THE FUTURE….period!

If the Hawaii Government officials, sees an opportunity to create additional public revenues and fines against the manipulated public, they will become the innovative Hawaiian Io (Hawk), using every public instrument, tool, and department to scrutinize, fine, and generate more public revenues, to be subsidized for the Hawaiian nonprofit organizations and their political huis associated to Hawaiian government.

This is the exclusive over sighted Hawaiian government political special entitlements and regulated monopolies, being allowed by Federal, State, and Local officials, in Honolulu and Washington, to secretly and discriminatory retain special entitlement privacy, protection, and shelter, to regulate and control exclusive Hawaiian private roads to PROTECT silent and vague Hawaiian political and economic agendas in isolated Hawaii.

With the advanced government knowledge to manipulate important public records, (Executive Order 3117 and the Bureau of Conveyance), in the name of Native Hawaiian Rights, to defraud lucrative public revenues (Diversified Agriculture, and FEMA Funds) and the unsuspecting public’s private “fee simple” manipulated properties and their invested assets and proceeds, any Public Constitutional growth and development can be deceptively and illegally controlled and regulated, for the Hawaiian huis, regulated monopolies, and their political associates embedded in Hawaiian State and local Governments.

The revised and vague intent for the pending Akaka Bill in Washington, without any authorization or review by the other Native Hawaiian constituents (14 other Hawaiian organizations and counting) and the vast MAJORITY for the 1.2 million manipulated multiracial public in Hawaii, including the huge National social and economic ramifications for the rest of the United States, which would deceptively allow a new and creative Hawaiian political foundation, for a new Native Hawaiian Reservation, for another Native Hawaiian BROKEN TRUST deeply embedded into the Aloha State Hawaiian Government.

The Public elected officials in Hawaii and their political appointees have forgotten that they were elected or appointed to their government positions, which were created by the people, for the people, to serve the people……however, the political Hawaii Ombudsman Office, the political RICO, the political Hawaii ABA, the political Hawaii ACLU, and the political Judicial Branch in Hawaii, seem to have their own exclusive political and lucrative economic agendas, for more special entitlements, hiding perpetually behind ethnic rights, to subsidize the Public revenues for nonprofit Native Hawaiian Affirmation Organizations. (Related attachments from PBS news.)

Let’s have lunch in the future, on me, Mr. Matsunaga, and maybe you can explain your illogical Ombudsman Office reasoning for “Setting Aside Public Lands for Who’s Public Purposes and Executive Order 3117, now requiring Federal Registry Executive Order 13372, to protect the manipulated and defrauded PUBLIC and the U.S. Constitution in the Aloha State of Hawaii.”

“PRIVATE RESERVE…..NO EAGLES ALLOWED. Hawaii and Iraq two birds of a feather…..”

Have you completed your Tour of Duty in the lava fields in Puna, Hawaii?

– The new Royal Order of the Hawaiian Catbird Club (all genders welcome)

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